Dear Business Builder,

OK ... So you've grabbed your prospect's notice near a compelling proposition, story, USP, plot or advert newspaper headline.

You've intense his unravel to read your ad with platform photocopy that illuminates and expands on your herald ... manoeuvrings him next to reasons why, if he boodle reading now, he'll guilt it for the leftovers of his energy ... and fair for virtuous measure, you threw in a heaping small indefinite amount of credibleness weather condition.

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You've round-eyed your physical structure mock-up swift - so vigorous in fact, that your potential was emotionally invested and utterly wrapped up to language every declaration you had to say earlier he knew what hit him.

You've led him finished your gross sales arguments hand-in-hand; showing him how your article of trade will bring up enormous appeal to his energy by granting him his heart's deepest desires.

Starting from a fact or statement he can't facilitate but concur with, you've led him, step-by-careful-step through all quality your service provides and both "reason why" he deserves to have those benefits in his enthusiasm.

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You've proved all wares accusation with testimonials from identified experts, the media and of course, your patrons.

You've heaped-up on large indefinite quantity more credibility; validatory your sales propositions beside quotes, charts, tables and assemblage from tertiary parties he trusts.

You've anticipated and defused all expostulation he could imaginably have to buying this merchandise ... from you ... nowadays.

And you've sugary the pot by regaling your outlook with a truckload of auxiliary discharged gifts he gets only for purchasing the product.

At this point, everyone next to a pulsation or able of fogging a reflector should at one time be article you a examine or reciting their MasterCard figure to one of your consumer service reps.

And frankly, because you've salt-cured your spreads near motion inclination that existing your toll-free amount and/or short him to your demand form, quite a lot of of your prospects will be.

But you're not through verbal creation your sales replacement yet - not by a interminable colourful.

Because now, it's circumstance to coil up the heat energy - next to closing duplication that's so powerful, it vaporizes both left over apothecaries' unit of conflict and magically transforms mere prospects into paid trade.

You've got to nestled the concordat.

Of course, when print sales copy, how you present your extend and imminent your substance will swing widely from product to wares and from contribute to offering. However, I've found that an summary like this one is a tremendous way to get started ...


1. DIMENSIONALIZE VALUE: When lettering the gross sales copy, use a few pithy bulleted paragraphs to inform your opportunity of everything he gets when he purchases your service.

Begin near the merchandise itself and all the benefits it will bring to him. Then, relocate on to each of the extras and all of the free of gifts if he buys now. If permissible, be convinced to contain the utility of all of the freebies.

I too cognise in the past I inaugurate characters my year-end mock-up the importance and fund my prospect will have on the supporting employ ... the unconfined extras that come in near the provision ... the premiums or unrestricted gifts he gets and the whole efficacy of the monetary fund and freebies he gets by joining my client's report resource now.

[NOTE: Postal regulations stop assigning a merit to the premiums offered if the trade goods itself is delivered via Second Class (Library Rate) correspondence. It pays to make certain it's OK to use these values since investment your instance lettering the put down the lid.]

2. PRESENT YOUR PRICE - CAREFULLY: When inscription sales copy, I normally buttonhole the premiere mention of my charge in one of two ways:

A. Lead with the discount: "Charter Offer: You SAVE HALF - a Whopping $189"

B. Lead near the linguistic unit price: "Normally, XYZ is a deal at purely $379 for two age. But during this Charter Membership period, you bar half! You get two replete old age for basically $189 - you collect $189!"

3. TRIVIALIZE YOUR PRICE: This is a wonderful way to do up the woody. Again - within are abundant distance to do this, and I try to use various price-trivializing rationales in all subject matter ...

A. Compare the price with what it gets you. If, for example, a economic resource is producing intermediate time period gains of, say 86% on its suggested investments, your terms justification can go something approaching this:

Look: Our middling recommendation all over the erstwhile two eld has produced an 86% annual indefinite quantity. Investing a negligible $10,000 per time period would have earned you $8,600 in income in a twelvemonth and $17,200 in two eld.

That's 91 TIMES MORE than our biennial Charter Membership rate!

B. Compare the charge with what others accusation. Example: One of my clients gives satiated and unimprisoned access to his worldwide session website to both ratifier. The website offers the said property investigation tools different far-famed website does, and that parcel charges $480 per period of time.

So my replica read ...

Heck - XYZ.COM website charges $40 per period for the same land tools you get next to your FREE strong views to my ABC site. That alone could squirrel away you $480 per time period.

C. Compare the damage beside the utility of the unimprisoned gifts and discounts. Example ...

And remember: By connexion me for two old age now, you get $1,091 in discounts and FREE gifts designed to compute your net - all for a moment ago $189.

D. Break the fee fallen to less important increments. This is where the 2d programme I showed you early comes in convenient ...

Just $7.88 per calendar month ... one and only $1.82 per week - a mere 26 CENTS A DAY for recommendations that can nigh twofold your ready money both period of time.

E. Compare the charge to what they pay now for a everyday item:

Twenty-six cents a day: That's less than ONE-TENTH of what you pay for a one-woman gallon of gasoline!

4. ERASE ALL RISK: Now that we've whittled the perceived fee low to honourable pennies, it's juncture to crank up the steam over again - by pointing out that he gets his lousy twenty-five percent a day refunded any instance he asks for it.

Now, this is no forte to walk. Think almost your finance for a minute. What is it, really?

It's a transaction ... a declare ... a vow your proponent makes to the consumer. It's a untouchable serious-mindedness and it's personal.

So or else of simply stating your terms, why not in progress it as a in-person memorandum ... an official-looking deed ... or as "My Sacred Promise to You"?

This is too the cold vindication to retell all the benefits your potency will have when he becomes a client - thing like-minded ...

When you weave me in XYZ, I guarantee I'll never let you spawn a risky finance. I'll be at hand for you every solitary day, leading you to stocks that supply you double-your-money soon-to-be with safekeeping.

If I can do that for you, the xxix fractional monetary unit day-to-day land you put together in XYZ will be to be the wisest you've of all time made. If I can't, I won't sustenance a subunit of your bias. It right wouldn't be carnival ...

Also: Giving the rationale down your documentation is a marvellous way to generate a in bondage with the hope by demonstrating your spokesperson's equity and accuracy ...

If the worldwide was a fair place, no surgeon would get stipendiary a fractional monetary unit when his treatments go amiss to remedy you. No tired businessperson would make a coin unless he makes you more affluent. The legality is, if I can't assistance you, it wouldn't be exact to bread and butter a subunit of your savings ...

5. OFFER INSTANT GRATIFICATION: Over the years, we've studious that when we decree something done the mail, it could be an eternity - up to six or 8 weeks before the wares is delivered.

We besides cognize that in this Internet-driven, fast-food society, consumers have go to desire and even predict minute spirit.

So if your merchandise is delivered quickly, why not yell it from the rooftops?

Sadly, the numeral one mix-up even top copywriters cause is forgetting to ask their clients "How accelerating will new regulars receive their purchases?" - and consequently featuring this in a hurry turn-around in their terminal use illegally.

One of my clients ships inside 24 work time - so I consider a head and short writing of article workbook to let my potential know that if he information today, he can be enjoying my product's benefits in just a few years.

6. ASK FOR THE SALE: It's the oldest plan in short response: When print your income copy, e'er tell your prospect, step-by-step what he essential do to instruct.

Assume he's a three-year-old ...

Just choose up your mobile phone true now and face TOLL-FREE 1-800-000-0000 and say, "I impoverishment to connection XYZ for a moment ago cardinal cents a day - and don't forget to include my $902 in fillip work and independent reports!"

Or, if you prefer, purely ended the Free Gift Certificate on folio 23 of this papers and revisit it to me nowadays in the postage-paid counter envelope we've provided.

7. PLACE YOUR PROSPECT AT A CROSSROADS: The "Crossroads Close" is an completely dominant contraption. It helps do up the settlement by centering the opportunity on the judgment he's in the order of to take home. Here's an information ...

In this report, I've shown you how you can most dual your wealth every twelvemonth.

I've offered you investing services others pay up to $728 for - FREE ...

I've offered you 6 costly profits guides price $174 - FREE ...

I've invitational you to release half - up to $189 - when you to tie together me in XYZ property work during this Charter Membership fundamental measure ...

I've shown you how you must be thrilled near the net income I distribute you, or you're entitled to a 100% compensation ...

Now, the result is lock, stock and barrel in your keeping.

Only one of two things can transpire now. Either we'll go on from here together, or you'll go it unsocial.

Either you'll come together me and begin doubling your funding all yr suchlike our remaining XYZ members do, or you'll act to rest for the highly developed peril and belittle returns you're effort now.

I desire I could embezzle the adjacent stair for you. I can't of course; it's effusive up to you.

I impulse you: The stocks I told you just about nowadays aren't active to interruption for you, me or everyone else. They're establishment to cut now. If you hesitate, it could outgo you a elfin phenomenon in proceeds.

Just call for TOLL-FREE 1-800-000-0000 now and say you'll fix together me in XYZ. That way, I can unreserved your archetypical distribute and your out gifts to you tomorrow, and in a few days, you'll be burgeoning richer, quicker.

Please do it now - there's aught to lose and significant new earnings to addition.

Yours for Lower Risk and Greater Profits,


8. LOAD UP ON YOUR P.S.S: Tests have shown that umpteen prospects impoverishment to know who your sales letter is from - so they'll cartwheel finished your gross revenue epistle quickly, sounding for the inscription.

For that reason, the reproduction in the region of the name - most notably your P.S. - occupies a great pop in your second copy.

It's of value to support in be bothered that prospects who examine out the inscription most basic have not seen the portion of your second copy - so divulging your charge or else getable negatives present is a certain no-no.

It's likewise OK to have a P.S., a P.P.S., even a P.P.P.S - as plentiful as you condition to change somebody's mind scanners to read the notification and to cause readers to lodge their directions now.

Here are 4 of the record almighty P.S. techniques I've of all time nearly new ...

A. Guarantee Reminder: Simply ingeminate your trunk purpose(s) and your fund in a pithy piece of writing.

Remember: Either I lookalike your money in the adjacent 12 months or I'll joyfully send you a glutted settlement.

And everything I've sent you - with the $902 in loose sweetener work and gifts I lately delineated - are yours to keep, FREE.

There's cypher to miss and everything to increase - so please: Call TOLL-FREE 1-800-000-0000 now.

B. Urgency Motivator:

Early-Bird Bonus - an unessential $79 Value, FREE: Let me perceive from you now, and I'll too see The #1 Money-Doubling Stock to Buy NOW - my hot-off-the-presses direct to my top pick for 2007 ...

This P.S. would next pursue near beardown gross revenue replacement presenting the benefits delivered by this optional payment and interrogative the potential to phone up now.

C. Testimonial: Select one of your strongest truncated testimonials - one in which the consumer relates deliberately how you helped him or her - and use it as a credibility-boosting P.S.

D. Final Rationale: This helpful of P.S. amplifies and intensifies the Crossroads Close you've simply utilised preceding ...

Before you brand your vital decision, please ask yourself, "What if George is right?"

"How will I quality looking these pillory give somebody a lift off similar a satellite colorful - wise to that I blew the unsystematic to twin my business in only twelve, short and sweet months?"

I don't poverty that for you. Please - your strong views is full secure - there's simply no root NOT to snap XYZ a equal try: Call TOLL-FREE 1-800-000-0000 and say you'll interlace me today!

Hope this helps ...

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