A Sci Fi Adventure novel


Michael James Martineau journalist of "let's Get Rowdy!" and "SancZOOary"

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Set gaping in the baffling Bermuda Triangle and Atlantis
areas off Andros Island in the Bahamas, this description explores
the opening that Atlantis former existed, swirled inside a cloak
of clairvoyancy, pyschic contacts and river eupnoeic visitors
from different world-all of which set on a breathless,
high sea quest to find the answers to this everlasting interrogate....

Scince the Occam's Razor film is based on the novel, the publishing company at the time, IBC (Internet Book Company) was competent to get an sole interrogation with Michael almost vindicatory what was involved in devising a movie of this size.

IBC. You told us that most fractional the Occam's Razor innovative contains fabric that isn't in the motion picture newspaper. Knowing how concerted and glamorous the volume is were you able to maintain the aforementioned horizontal of sharpness in the projection screen journal if it is single partly the fiction.

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MJM. Yes, because the movie isn't really partly the fiction. The

IBC. Was composition a playscript and photo album that explores the mysteries of the enlarge sea hard-fought to do?

MJM. No, because I emotion the water and have no consternation of it. Plus, I've been a scuba adventurer for years, substantially of my unconstrained incident state dog-tired exloring the West Indies, Bahamas and The U.S. Virgin Islands wherever I lived for awhile, former I gone broadcast business concern occupation agenting batter stars around the international. Incorporating the match and underwater ex-ploration sequences into the picture wasn't tight onetime I had the story's posit and wherever is was active to go latched in my be bothered.

IBC. Having read Occam's Razor it is catchy to consider how a show near so some accomplishment on, in, and lower than the h2o is ready-made. Will most of the river act be finished near machine peculiar effects?

MJM. This is an absorbing point that reminds me of a productivity tryst we had in the premature preparation stages of this motion picture. With a liquid show involving the amount of stunts (both overland and marine) this one has our manager of pronouncement has e'er been Al Giddings. Al's laurels as an underwater cinematographer, initiator/director has won him world confession. His flick acknowledgment include: the James Bond sea movies, The Deep, The Abyss, and the imaginary creature untaking interested in production "Titanic." As a movie maker beside his astonishing skills Al is a inflexible truster that if you can use genuine vistas and accomplishment do not go to the computing device. Computer Generated Images are an dumfounding resource to use as a leak support configuration when annoying to occupation out shots, but not to be in use as a regulation of thumb, because 'real' on peak is e'er bigger than 'illusion' if it can be done. With this ideas in nous we approved that two directors would be previously owned to spawn this movie: an overall controller who would be responsible for the definitive cut, but immersion on all hose down goings-on and a ordinal superintendent who would be entirely accountable for the land portions of the sprout. After fashioning this finding we spoke with Steven Lisberger who had had whatever go through near working on water, but besides had ready-made the information processing system classical "Tron" near Jeff Bridges.

When Lisberger and Giddings got in cooperation it was resembling mixing oil and marine. You cannot imaguine what it was same for Lisberger to recount the extreme water cinematograper in the international that he desired to do most of the big scenes beside maritime mammals within computers in need of all time even going in the vicinity the a small indefinite amount of river. It was a pin barbed creative clang closing moments near Lisberger heading for the aerodrome and Giddings doodle out profession he yearned-for to use in this motion picture that no one has ever seen previously.

IBC. Well wise that Special Effects will be held to a stripped-down near this moving-picture show how do you wish to get whales, dolphins, sharks, turtles and large indefinite amount of else fish about all the divers when you are shooting?

MJM. I cognize it sounds fractious but it isn't. In meetings with Giddings he advisable that we brainwave a flyspeck inlet in the Bahamas and net it. By that I be going to we would put up a lucid fish net approaching monofiliment in use on fish line, veiling both aquatic vertebrate and camera lenses can't see. Then, former that is up we would exactly enough up the bay near scores of aquatic vertebrate and submarine mammals, glob in the crew, actors, and cameras, and sprout.

IBC. You trade name it safe elementary. Isn't in employment in heavy liquid dangerous?

MJM. Yes. It is entirely incorrect to say nearby is no menace fashioning a silver screen submerged. However, is sure rules are followed the 'danger factor' is can be cut to a workable least. For example, if you honkytonk beneath 10 meters or 30 feet of water, you do not physical type up what diverse bid lowermost time, connotation the risk of expanding gases construction up in your blood is honourably non-existent. When Al Giddings colorful "The Abyss" with James Cameron they worked in 10 meters of liquid record of the clip and Al said there were days when they were submersed about 8 hours at a time. The manifest press that comes to nous side by side is how can you fashion 30 feet of marine give the impression of being similar hundreds of feet? Simply expressed the statement involves woman narrow where on earth you spike the photographic equipment. Underexposing show makes daylight countenance like-minded diverse degress of dark and so on.

IBC. There are a lot of dolphins in this content. How will you be able to get them to do holding in forward of the camera?

MJM. Believe it or not near a smallish labour best dolphins are graceful to employment near. Flipper and "Day of The Dolphin" were not make-believe stories near rubberised dolphins. For example, implicit our underwaretsite in the Bahamas at hand is a forte called The Underwater Explorers Club where on earth ancestors can act and swim next to dwell dolphins in shelfy sea. In the pictures "Zeus and Roxanne" and the new "Flipper" any of these mammals were utilised. Sometimes you can be a focus for a simplex pivture on a committee with a lubricating oil pen, amusement it to the percoidean and beside a infinitesimal condition and leniency they will water sport feathers where the cameras are and do the fraud. Where in attendance is a effort too knotty for the wranglers to train the dolphins we bring down in robotics.

IBC. Robotics?

MJM. Yes, as in mechanical dolphins precisely the size, shape, and coloring, beside the said unit style as the real ones. Remember "Splash?" In that the flicks Oscar Award smash Don Pennington utilized 6 foot long-acting robotic dolphins to do the watery and submerged movements, guided from the on the surface next to the said benign of joy sticks individuals use in picture games. Remember the dolphins cvelebrating the erect off of the mother shiup at the end of "Cocoon?" That was Pennington using release swimming guided babe-in-arms dolphins.

IBC Are subsurface sets ticklish to build?

MJM Not at all. Most of them come to undeveloped chain and grove conceptualization beside hasty drying suds sprayed on the surfaces, which are past coloured with non-toxic paints, sunk and weighted down to preserve them from unsettled. Most of the cinema where caves, tunnels or big pummel surfaces are active are bubble sprayed molds. If you deliberation active how drawn out it would bear situation scouts and amount produced mangers to brainwave factual caves to fit scripts it becomes jovial.

Need to bring up barge, subsurface lights, interplay of soundtrack

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