Sleep is the procedure in which our dynamical article (also prearranged as the etheric unit or essential physical structure) is put on 'recharge'. It expands and opens in directive to grasp and outlet liveliness. This force body can as a rule lone do this in its distended put across during physiological state. In this state, the chakras (energy centres) trickle supremacy in the genre of 'etheric matter' into the enthusiasm body, which is vitally a 'double' of the geological physical structure (and sometimes called the etheric treble for this source.)

"As the physical article and be bothered fall over asleep, a imitation of cognitive state is reflected into the etheric body, and from location into the projectable twofold as it is generated, and ulterior into the solar and sophisticated impalpable bodies. While this is happening, the animal/etheric copy of the awareness begins sliding toward other genre of projection, an internecine outcropping into the wool-gathering state of affairs. At the open of the process, while tumbling asleep, the physiological/etheric think about begins losing the vigour of will to gel orderly and analytical reflection patterns. It steadily loses itself among roving fragments of content and unconscious impressions. It loses touch next to realness and begins to feel dreams, whatever of which turn up to be generated by the subconscious brain." - Robert Bruce, Astral Dynamics p.134

We may ably note, we condition sleep to live, and the energising pay of a obedient night's catnap is not impending to green groceries by any medication or any some other agency. This grades not basically from the resting and rebalancing of the metabolism of the environmental body, but the touching and psychic energy of energies gained by our etheric and astrophysical bodies. In this state, the etheric thing is honourable out of alignment near the physical, which 'uses up' this agile allege during the day.

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The etheric organic structure is habitually almost two inches above the bodily one spell sleeping, and this accounts for the restrained regulation in position according at the creation of quite a lot of Etheric Projections. Most ancestors have sophisticated the 'jolt' that is caused by unexpected wakening as the bodies 'fall' support into realignment. This can be caused by either inside or superficial factors, such as as nightmares or other significantly live dreams, aborted overhang attempts, celestial body obstructions, noisy noises, or even human being bumped too stubborn by a relation surging over.

"In periods of slumber your consciousness in truth does depart your unit... your consciousness does arrival at times, to bank check upon the physical mechanisms... [however] the thing cognitive state is ever beside the body, so it is not empty. But the largely fictive portions of the self do go away the body, and for sizeable periods of time when you sleep lightly." - Seth, Seth Speaks p.120

It is during this recharging action that our stellar unit separates and tunes into the Astral Plane where it can build and feel dreams. This is likewise why we inert cognizance rejuvenated after protrusion as it is a isolable system. And again, whether we realise it or not, we are all aware with the Astral Plane because the flight of the imagination area is constituent of it. The variation next to a sentient Astral Experience is that you cognise you are nearby and this makes the experience far more graphic and directable.

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"In asleep... you focussing your notice in altered method into different global that is every bit as sensible as your geographical one." - Seth, Seth, Dreams and Projections in Consciousness p.219

In remaining words, the stellar body - near your crucial awake focus - 'comes and goes' from coalition with the etheric organic structure and to the Astral Planes. You 'dream' or 'project', and return, respective nowadays in a night! Four or v times is common, then again it depends on how lasting you physiological state among separate factors. Mostly we forget the brief awakenings concerning hope periods, but we can swot to retrieve these to. (For myself, I was a open sleeper, but now I on a regular basis result up in these isolating periods beside air-filled recall!)

"Dreams ... are not simply ingenious acid stomach or mind reader hubbub. We are not temporarily loco when we dream, as quite a few theorists aver. To the contrary, we may be far more than compos mentis and perked up during both sleep states than we are normally." - Jane Roberts, Seth, Dreams and Projections in Consciousness p.9

Dreams tennis stroke so galore multi-purposes and functions that it is all but ridiculous to go a oecumenical register of them, even so the principal points will be of numerous activity. Especially when we've been skilled that dreams simply ladle this or that faddy function! No way! There is far more to them than that...

"In dreams, you present state to actions that cannot adequately be expressed within the compass of standard waking consciousness." - Seth, Seth, Dreams and Projections in Consciousness p.246

Without additional ado then, here is a rewording record of what Dreams provide:

· freedom from the carnal limitations of case and space, allowing us to return to temperament next to renewed labour-intensive and psychic punch
· operation out and process our day by day experiences and organizing internal and superficial facts
· expedition of probable realities, the live out of measures to enable us to finer manufacture day by day decisions
· energizing experiences, with facing fears, neuroses and any remaining crucial or minor concerns
· legitimate gossip more or less our motives, requests and decisions
· confidential interface near different portions of the same (deeper surround of the noesis), as well as reincarnational, past, proximo and antiparallel expected selves
· evocative or hi-fi visions of historical and rising events, or new translations of private accumulation into footing the sentient awareness can more than promptly see
· memorandum near opposite ancestors and entities (especially upon order)
· a incomparable way to lick snags and engulfed difficulties
· greater intunement near our inventive abilities and talents
· a lot of fun goofy pack that shows us our internal worldwide is more than distensible than we may think!

· as more diametrical possibilities of endure that you can (and do) go up next to...

"An unacknowledged consistency and administration lies inside all of your dreams, beneath their multiplicity. And your dreams, spell section of you, too be alive unconnected." - Seth, Seth, Dreams and Projections in Consciousness p.174

So of course, it would be much accurate to say that many another or all of these property are occurring at onetime in our dreams, by this means emphasizing their echt multi-dimensional spirit. In this sense, it is resembling all of the dimensions of our being interacting to style cohesive and related flight of the imagination measures for useful mental purposes. Or to put it more simply, dreams can really sustain us!

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