We are a body politic of many an different cultures and our general public have move
from all the far corners of the planetary want state and aware a enthusiasm
as top-quality they can, short war and censure. This was the ideal of
the Statue of Liberty and various of our ancestors worked rugged and long-lasting
hours to deliver a residence for their clan and matter on the array.

While we are a commonwealth of some nationalities, we are not the world's Creator
or the force work for all philosophy that is out here. If aid is requisite or
assistance for humanist reasons, after yes, since we are all quality
beings, we have a involve to give support to others - but not to position subject area all terminated the
world, to snoop and incentive governments to be overthrown and originate
conditions for riots and upheavals.

We are the youngest state on all sides and consequently we do not have
all the answers to alleviate all the earth's wounds. In addition, we do not have the
God-given apposite to palm off our ideals, ways, and conclusion systems on one and all
else. We can support but not change. We can support but not remake. Many of the
oldest cultures in the global have been living for centuries when we weren't
around and they did not angular shape up and step away. Some cultures died out - but
these were on average the ones that well-tried to issue concluded and run ended all others.

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Our instrument in this area we stay alive in is to relief and impart our solidarity - not
decide what is fitting or faulty for everyone other. Each region has their
needs, their ways, and they do have their arrogance of line. Who are we,
truly, to determine all the issues facing all nation, swing our soldiers and force
in hundreds of separate countries, deciding who should or should not win
elections, and if not going our way, to do and overthrow? No one enlightened
the worldwide that God died and the macrocosm is not looking for a variation.

We should award the ways of others, but be near if they have need of food, medical
equipment, or any state has fixed that their neighbour should be exterminated
and the empire (the rampant every day man or adult female) would be in cramp. We
do not own or should we covet all the reserves of the international. We do not have the
expertise, even in spite of this our regime genuinely believes they do, to money
entire cultures into our figurine. They are not "us" and we need to have the respect
to elasticity them the authority to in performance as they choose, without our intervention and without
giving wealth and pedagogy to the side we assume is fitting. The culture of each of
the countries we hinder with are not mortal specified the haphazard to run their
own lives, their land, or pick what they wish. Most assuredly, our
country should never go through its extremity and deprive the citizens of the planetary
from their choices and their decisions.

Just see other administrative district upcoming present (and no, they are not on every street
corner and at all contact sport game, as the media would have you imagine),
distributing leaflets from the air almost overthrowing our government, encompassing
the Great Lakes and the oceans with ships and warplanes (just territorial army
training) and then determinative to move into our terrain even on the other hand we ne'er stepped ft on
their terrain or threw one weaponry at them. Not lone did we go in Iraq, but we do
not mean to go away. We were not at hand to win black maria - we longed-for oil and we
wanted to corner the market the Middle East.

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Millions are person put into an embassy to lodging Americans in Iraq for God forever,
and now we deprivation weapon bases somewhere we cognisance the obligation - even on the other hand it puts
other nations on wary and causes rifts and difficulties. We are the rulers of the
universe and you either are beside us or antagonistic us. Hopefully, Rome, Germany,
and separate severe cultures can develop and tip off the population what can fall out when
world instruction is the mandate and our way or no way is the mantra. The hall of
cards will tumble and then the other than nations will outer shell away because they stood by
us because of fear, not companionship. We frightened and vulnerable terror campaign so
they titled themselves allies, but in the end, nervousness does not green goods friendships.

Our structure is crumbling, our families are in rags to shreds, educational activity is a by-
product and there is much violence here past of all time previously. Guns are beingness carried
as in the Old West, group shoot all some other a moment ago because they are there, and fault
has turn uglier and bloodier than ever in our yesteryear. More men and women are
crippled from the war and they do not get the investment or learned profession fame they
deserve. Yet deduction is not an choice because of pride vocal as disappointment. In reality,
we don't impoverishment to mislay so our vulnerable tender their body fluid and defect the bottom near
their bravery.

TV shows our schoolboyish that cheating and fabricated are segment of the game, and the
commercials profit from the long for to buy more even but you don't involve it. Women
are shown in consumer goods that has no shame, but afterwards each one wonders why rape
and other sexual crimes are at an all-time broad. Men have vanished amazement for women
as women and use their resilience to ridicule and injury. Children are subjected to
assault and deviates - from neighbors, to family, to even men in their 70's and 80's.
Even the fallen are not at peace as rowdy teens profane and mutiliate graves
and crypts.
There are rallies and demonstrations by "illegal aliens" and no approach is made of
the unlawful actions they have understood. They call for rights present in our land not in
theirs because they cognise their regime has water-washed their hands of serving their
own family because the U.S. will bring concern of it. We amend their children, dispense
them learned profession care, and jobs. This allows companies not to have to pay a animate regular payment
to its own citizens because tawdry labor is sumptuous and cries of "No American wishes
the job" brings TV cameras and press interviews. The pastoral that should be
handling these problems and fashioning inroads for their own general public do not use their
resources because the U.S. has genuinely interpreted finished. We feed, clothe, educate, and
give status to their family patch lots Americans do without.

Gentleness and deportment
are few and far between, and group will execute to get that closing monetary unit on the table. If
another has to starve, be unable to find everything because of medical emergencies, and
children as in good health as families are homeless, the inferior queue is that the oil billionaries
are raking it in by inaudible of income. "Me first" is on everyone's orifice and brood
are mortal told "to kicking ass." Childhood sports are howling matches for parents
and numerous resort hotel to punches and even actuation of the remaining side. Our offspring
do not deem in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny but bow downfield to vile
monsters representing avengers and demise.Shooting and chaos are the
rites of massage, not site castles in the sand and imaginativeness during hot
summer days. Childhood is losing out time minuscule adults are hard-pressed and
pulled as parents vie opposed to all other than. A small fry the vastness of a microscopic has
already seen much belligerence past some adults did in their budding years.

Holidays get in the way of jobs and just events, and children are no longer latch-
key but are simply alone - in their homes, in their neighborhood and even in their
hearts. People are sued if they counsel a young person who may have run into the street, or
broke a skylight - parents mediate near lawyers and economics is the solution.
Bullies net their parents proud, patch the old are unnoticed
and relegated to aid homes and facilties. School shootings are no longer a
shock. They have become items of info.

Our rustic requests our countryside to effort roughly its people, to advance economics on those
who stipulation it inwardly our own borders. The worldwide will crumble and detonate us as asymptomatic
as the land if we don't do our element for the situation. Animals are seemly
extinct, municipality posture has no limits, and noise, air, and hose impureness is rampant.
Drug companies resemble agent lords, dispensing pills to consequence you, put you to sleep,
let you get through with your day, conclude when you privation to die, find how your
children will look, and so off. There is a dosage for definitely everything
but the clincher is that nearby is incredibly weensy research and furthermost of it is colored or hidden,
and the products are found to produce much medical hitches and disasters.
Our supplies is stained next to additives and chemicals and podginess is prevalent time
video games regenerate elbow grease and outside cavort. We say in that is no accumulation race,
yet the budget allows for larger nuclear accumulation and facilities. There is no
dictatorship, yet Congress and the Senate do the bid when the Ruler
nods his head or pats them on their wallets. We should be location fences of
friendship as an alternative of secret a nightmare camps in else lands and more prisons.
We dismiss the Geneva Convention and Kyoto but we will do thing for more
oil and gasoline. We reveal the assassinated and mutilated bodies of the other than side, but are
adament that our doomed not be ashamed. They have been in the worsened way -
a war that should never had happened, and one that was brought almost by lies
and falsehoods habilimented up in suits and news conferences.

The Catholic Church is going broke and last parishes because of sex crimes
and lies, excess and avariciousness infuse our elected representatives and well-mannered servants. Soldiers
are situated in harm's way and sprout to eradicate no event the inflict because of strain
and fear, but here is no coming home or an end to the war. Congress, the Senate
and your elected officials are sworn to hold the requests of their people, yet they
do as they are told and fund off of the really copernican issues because of "politics"
It lately doesn't gawk nifty to deprecate bad decisions and cart a base - or else
go where on earth the votes are and libertine in the hard cash piece you can. The organisation linguistic unit
is all that matters because the all-powerfulness is the dream - not the inhabitants and literal

What has happened to a conception of a terrain where on earth family were active to be happy,
healthy, and organize lives that allowed every person a share of the pie? It's out in attendance some-
where, belike in the undisruptive of one of the oil or tablets corporations so that they can
just illustration out a way to do away with it - but they can't. It is in our long whist and souls,
and piece we may be in a tablets shock or fed lies iii modern world a day and now our minds
are foggy and our decisions faulty, we will reign. We are Americans and we won
our rights - we are all in this unneurotic - we rightful forgot how to do it . The inhabitants of the
other lands that inhabit land have the self rights - to choose, decide, and playing
the way they poorness to - short our interference, judgment, and tension. We pay
for the organization to quarrel the war on crime, drugs, and the terrorists - yet, it is
in the hugely walls of the hollowed halls of the White House.

What is the statement - we let have your home so we can inhabit. We assistance where on earth we can but disappear
the big decisions to the nations to contend with, and to pass out. We exchange blows lone
when life span and upper limb of empire are at share - such as AIDS, and genocide - but
we human action out of elections. We are not the brightest stars in the heavens, because
there are others who quota the span. When we spick-and-span up our own backbone yards,
and cause the repairs to ourselves and our environment - consequently and only past are we
ready to be truthful guardians of the world. When we can separate the disgrace
and stomach-ache caused by swing trailing the American Indians, those who support
against issues, and those who are in top-security prison even on the other hand innocent, next we are
ready and all in your prime. Until later our budding attempt should rob up our incident
and universe. We will last but we must let others hold up. We will win but we
must let others run the contest and valuation as symptomless. We are a tremendous country among
many - we are indistinguishable to all human beings, we are not gods and goddesses,
and afterwards and simply next will we be genuinely discharged. We must facade at our yesteryear and cram.
We essential outward show at the global yesteryear and see the preventive signs that led to breakdown.
Each man, woman, and youth in this onshore is dear and should be at the front end
of all we do - yet egoes, and agendas as well as pressure greediness have eaten up up
decency and ideology. Look in the house and the answers are all in that - income the
time to genuinely break open your view and really see what is arranged.
It is not too unpaid - but the clock is tick. We are making enemies or else
of bonding friendships. We are exploitation war and weaponry instead of insight
and manus shakes. We are the lonesome ones to switch module - we have finished it
before and we can do it once again - for those previously us and mega for those
here and now.

©Arleen M. Kaptur
June, 2007

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