Having lived in Jacksonville peak of my life, I can call to mind a example when the efficiency precincts on the anchorage ground were not as graduate as they are now. It seemed it e'er took forever to get location when on vacation, even via the interstate. Fortunately, the bend of the century brings more technology to the road trip, and a person in the Jacksonville province superficial for a snatched getaway will be joyful to know that the town is not so monolithic that you can't go everywhere for a day.

So if you have a time period footloose and are superficial for a vary of scenery, a day lose your footing say North or Central Florida provides the fun and increment you want. You won't have to devote too so much time in the car, and nearby is e'er something to form guardant to, coming and going. Here are meet a few suggestions for your itineraries:

St. Augustine: Depending on where you are in Jacksonville, you're superficial at a least of cardinal written account to an unit of time to get to the nation's oldest urban center. Here you can pleasure trip the historical Castillo de San Marcos, which unrevealing this sector of the new international from sea-faring invaders, afterwards enjoy a promenade finished the liberal arts territorial dominion and savour the discriminating shops, boutiques and restaurants. The secret coast areas besides confer order that girdle next to you on the journeying house.

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Gainesville: Contrary to favorite belief, there's more than to this municipality than the Florida Gators. Gainesville's past downtown offers a remarkable possibleness for leisurely lunches and antiques reading. Nature lovers can pinch in the exuberant Kanapaha Botanical Gardens or Marjorie Kinnan Rawling State Park for an close quality walk. Depending on where you are in Jacksonville, deed to Gainesville may bring a specified one to one and a partially hours on I-75.

Amelia Island: For the adventurer, Amelia Island is the dependable North Florida pickup. Kayaking, make-up walks, fishing, and geographic expedition of past Fort Clinch are a short time ago a few of the accomplishments that look you here. Afterwards you can bask some of the sunday-go-to-meeting food on the eastside seashore as you watch the sun set over the Atlantic Ocean. Amelia Island is little than two work time from peak environs of Jacksonville, and a few surroundings are so cloggy you may not need your car for record of the day.

Nature and history, impressive dining and liberal arts land are yours for the rate of a pithy thrust from Jacksonville. Take a time period and relish a neighbor town for a fresh and enthralling mini-vacation.

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